01. 달빛의 노래
02. 척취놀이
03. In the wind
04. 雨の帰り道

한 사람의 가난이 곧 한 사람의 luxury.

au // in which the boys are a rookie criminal gang full of themselves 

Youngjae places the blueprints of the casino handed to him on the table. This was it, the moment they would finally make a name for themselves worldwide. They were going to rob one of the largest casino in the world and be “the kings of the underworld" as Junhong would put it.

"We’re going to rob the place. I’ll be staying on the look out, Himchan will wait with the truck outside and Junhong will disguise himself as a dealer to make sure things run smoothly. We need to get inside the prize room. Youngjae and Jongup will be helping you, Daehyun." Yongguk pauses, and turns to his left to look at the third oldest in the room. "Your job is to use that annoying mouth of yours and smooth talk your way into the room.” 

"Excuse me hyung, but I’m pretty sure it’s this annoying mouth of mine that has gotten you dates and laid so many times. Remember that one gir-“ 

"Shhh! We’ve got a child with us." Himchan yells, hands covering the youngest’s ears.

Jongup guffaws and pipes up from the corner. “I’m pretty sure he’s shagged more people than all of us combined, Chan.” 

"Enough! Look, I don’t want you messing around, Daehyun. We don’t need our asses on the line again like last time because of you. Got it?" Yongguk says, staring pointedly at the boy in question.

"Yeah, yeah. Get in and get out. No fooling around. I got this, don’t I always?" He smirks mischievously and fist bumps with Youngjae.

Geat, we’re screwed, Yongguk thinks.

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